Gathering during three days worldwide leaders from industry, government, higher education and research in order to break borders between world-class universities and to raise these to even a higher level; this is the objective of THE World Academic Summit which will be held in Singapore on 2-4th October 2013.

Times Higher Education magazine will present his 2013-2014 THE World University Ranking, and is there a better place than Singapore, the first hub for innovation in Asia and one of the most innovative places in the world to organize it? Besides, the summit will be held in Nanyang Technological University (NTU), one of the most fastest-rising universities in the world.

Outstanding speakers and guests will animate this summit while always having in mind to foster intercultural understanding, share best practice in research, and bring the best ideas from industry and academia with one common goal: tackling the future challenges thanks to innovation and new talents.


  Two Nobel Laureates will open this essential conference:  Pr. Edmond Fischer and Sir Paul  Nurse. Among these experts coming from all around the world, Pr. Brigitte Plateau, researcher  in Computer Science and President of INP Grenoble, will share her view and her experience  about how to solve the world’s grand challenges through global research collaborations. INP  Grenoble, a top French engineering school, already has several collaborations with Singaporean  universities and in particular with NTU.




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