Singaporean film producer Chen-Hsi WONG has won the prestigious award of “Graine du Cinéphage” at the “Festival Internationale de femmes de Créteil” ( International Film Festival of Women from Créteil )

Founded in 1979, the International Film Festival of Women from Créteil welcomes female film producers from all other the world, with around 150 films which portrays with talent the society through women’s eyes. Créteil being a place which witnessed historical debates, the festival is very attentive to  artistic, political and social engagements of women of the world, through their cinema.

With the support of Institut français Singapour, Chen-Hsi WONG made a trip Paris last week where she participated to the festival, met up with industry professionals and received her award. Her movie, “Innocents” is a delicate story of the friendship between two teens, each estranged at home. Transfer student Syafiqah, a Malay girl, befriends Ah Huat, a Chinese boy and half-wild prankster in their teachers’ eyes. The two little souls resort to the lush mountain, away from a dysfunctional adult world–driven by divorce, drunkenness, and darkness. But cruelties ensue, and the monsoon rain arrives.