After a three month cultural programming, ”Singapore en France” festival will end on June 30th.

In the City-State, the festivities of the independence’s fiftieth anniversary have started. To mark this occasion, FRANCE CULTURE proposes a two part documentary revealing Singapore’s paradoxical facets : megalopolis of ”excellency” crossed by cracks and interrogations.

Villes-Mondes SINGAPOUR, is a two part documentary by Julien Thèves and Angélique Tibau.

PART 1 : ”Je suis une ville” (I’m a city)

Fly away to Singapore on Sunday June 14th at 3PM . Discover the economic miracle and global reach of this postcolonial, super modern, multiracial, green and tropical megalopolis.

Singapore is among the most flourishing cities in the world and is often quoted as an example for it’s technological and environmental innovations. It attracts foreign capital, worldwide visitors and expatriates. Located at the first degree from the equator between Indonesia and Malaysia, Singapore fascinates by its infinity pools, its blended cuisine, and its green innovative architecture. An English speaking city, Singaporeans also speak Chinese, Malay and Tamil. Although occidentalized, Singapore is also strongly asian. Tiny and powerful.

With :
– Ong Keng Sen,
– Glen Goei,
– Carole and Frédéric de Senarclens,
– Rajendra Gour,
– Mun Wai Lee,
– Tan Boon Hui
– Angelita Teo
– Jean Wee
– Willin Low
– Loh Lik Peng
– Yann Follain
– Lee Kuan Yew

PART 2 : ”Nous sommes le futur” (We are Future)

Sunday June 21st at 3PM, fly away again to Singapore. Singapore the city in which everything works out, has it all : best worldwide airport, best schools, best hospitals and worldwide skyline. However Lee Kuan Yew, the ”Father of the Nation” is dead – Singapore enters a new era.

This multiracial society is infused with creativity from numerous cultural figures to whom this documentary gives the floor…

– Cyril Wong
– Eric Khoo
– Boo Junfeng
– Bani Haykal,
– Charlie Lim,
– DJ Jeremy Boon,
– T’ang Quartet,
– Alvin Tan,
– Jason Wee (Grey Projects),
– Silke Schmickl