Credits : ITE


The Franco-Singaporean cooperation has reached a new milestone this 11th of November 2013 during the graduation ceremony of Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management co-issued by the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) and the Institut Paul Bocuse (IPB). In the presence of the French Ambassador, His Excellency Mr. Benjamin Dubertret, 19 students have been graduated and constitute the first promotion following a cooperation initiated in 2009 and formalized through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) in 2010 between these two institutes.

Restoration is a major aspect of Singapore, and is considered as one of the favorite hobbies among the locals. This can be explained both by the culture of the region and by gathering all the world’s cuisines in the city-state which leads to a gastronomy hub in Southeast Asia. The explosion of this sector, led by the locals but also foreign contractors and investors, attracts many chefs such as Guy Savoy , Joël Robuchon or Daniel Boulud , and created a strong demand for expertise and training.


By its gastronomic history and reputation, France has a privileged place in this sector. The Institut Paul Bocuse preserves and transmits the French expertise in culinary arts and hospitality, in particular through the Worldwide Alliance Paul Bocuse which gathers 15 oversea partners to provide an intensive training to the best students. ITE is the first international school to offer and co-deliver the Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management IPB program.


The programme aims to support promising young Singaporeans in their careers and caters to the rising aspirations of young Singapore chefs to be Chef-owners. All students of this promotion have traveled to France to study at the IPB.

Hervé Fleury, IPB director and sponsor of this promotion, underlined the importance of happiness, value which must accompany each culinary creation and the careers of chefs. He also praised the success of the partnership between ITE and IPB which allows the formation of professionals highly soughed after in this sector profiles.