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CinemaWorld has a series of French movies in store for the month of October. Do check them out:

 A BOTTLE IN THE GAZA SEA (Israel/ France/2011/Drama)

A Busan International Film Festival 2012 film about a doomed teen romance. Tai is an Israeli girl in love with Naim, a Palestinian boy. Separated by 60 miles and generations of hatred and bloodshed, a message in a bottle and e-mails are the only hope they have of keeping young love alive.  Language: Hebrew/ Arabic/ French

 BEHIND THE WALLS (France/2008/Drama)

14-year-old Yves is an orphan who has only ever known life behind the walls of “educational homes”. Ill-treated and unloved, he runs away to escape society’s judgement and pursue his dream of life across the ocean in New York.  Language: French

 CAME THE DAWN (France/2007/Drama)

Two brothers are sent to foster care when their mother becomes terminally ill. The younger boy is adopted by a childless couple and soon becomes instrumental in saving their troubled marriage. Winner at Glasgow Film Festival 2008. Language: French

 IF YOU DIE, I’LL KILL YOU (France/Iran/2011/Drama)

Upon his release from prison, Philippe, finds an unlikely friend in Avdal, a Kurd looking for an Iraqi criminal. When Adval dies suddenly, it is up to Philippe to take care of his funeral and his fiancée who has come to Paris to be with her love.  Language: French/Iranian

 MASKED MOBSTERS (France/2007/Action)

Small-time thieves turned big-time bank robbers, Simon and his gang can pick virtually any vault and the police are powerless to stop them. But how long can they pull off heist after heist before the law catches up with them, and can their romances survive life on the run?  Language: French


In an adventure comedy, a prominent radio journalist and his technician hide out in Paris, pretending to report live from Baghdad about the Iraq War after they lose their air tickets and money. As they attempt the greatest scam ever, listeners tune in to hear from the frontlines.  Language: French

TELL NO ONE (France/2006/Thriller)

When his wife is brutally murdered by a serial killer, Alex’s world falls apart. Even eight years later, he still cannot get over his loss. Then he receives an e-mail with footage of his wife filmed in real time. Could it really be her? Could his wife really be alive? Language: French

THE CORNER BISTRO (France/2011/Comedy)

A local neighbourhood decides to put up a show to raise money for the homeless. Amidst conflicting views and colourful personalities fuelling heated arguments, unlikely friendships also blossom.  Language: French

THE HIDEOUT (France/2011/Action)

Three crooks pull off bank robbery of their lives and make away with 45 million Euros. But their escape is thwarted when their car and driver mysteriously disappear. At a time like this, what better hideout can they find but the police station itself!  Language: French

THE LYING GAME (France/2011/Political Thriller)

In the 80s, Abu Nidal, leader of a Palestinian terrorist organization, multiplies the attacks, particularly in Europe and threatens to intensify its activities in France. The film tells how a French intelligence officer managed to infiltrate and destabilize the organization, through the manipulation of an idealistic young members of his gang … Language: French

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