Art Garden is back for the fourth year running and amongst the artists featured are Julien Salaud and Stéphane Blanquet.

Through his artistic practice, French artist Julien Salaud questions the links, forces and symbolism that unite man with nature.

Julien intends to recreate his most recently exhibited work at Palais de Tokyo, Grotte Stellaire, also known as Star-Studded cave. This work is inspired by astonomer Chantal Jègues-Wolkiewiez’s theories about paintings of animal herds on the walls of the famous Lascaux cave emulating the arrangement of stars in the sky. Julien Salaud recreated the Lascaux cave with “constellated” animals, which are essentially suffed animals covered with a mesh of white thread to look like constellations on the walls of the room. Conceptually intriguing and layered, this work compels the viewer to contemplate the development of mankind from the time of cave wall paintings 30,000 years ago, beneath the fabricated visage of stars and sky.

As for Stéphane Blanquet, this year, he will be presenting an extended version of his celebrated work Nightmare Room. This work received great critical reception when presented at the Salon du Livre de la Presse Jeunesse of Montreuil, France as well as in Tokyo, Japan, a few years ago. The installation as a whole encourages children to explore the artist’s quiky and surprising take on nightmares in a highly interactive manner, making contemporary art accessible and fun.

Dates: from 17th May to 1st September 2013

Venue: Singapore Art Museum

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