BIBI , whose artworks have always explored the relationship with the environment, as well as the capacity the capacity to face up the contradictions as regards to the wastes produced, will be back to i Light Marina Bay, this time with his installation, “Happy Croco” .

“Happy Croco” is a luminous sculpture, some 20m long features a very urban crocodile. Its backbone is actually made from traffic cones and it resembles something from a building site. Happy Croco uses 2 types of LEDs and low energy light bulbs. This large toy is a puzzle made up of different objects: a playful and funny installation, the signification of which is clear. Happy Croco is both a work of land art, design, a light source and a visual art installation.

i Light Marina Bay will be held from 7 to 30 March with the theme around” Light+heART”. This year, the festival features 29 innovative and environmentally sustainable light art installations (among which  OZ COLLECTIVE and Olivia D’ABOVILLE) from around the world. The Marina Bay waterfront will be transformed into a magical space of light and colour for the public to celebrate both public spaces and creativity.

Dates: 7 to 30 March 2014

Venue: Marina Bay Waterfront

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