The fourth edition of the Singapore International Photography Festival (SIPF) will be held from 03 October to 30 November 2014. SIPF is a biennial gathering of minds from around the world with the common pursuit to advance the art and appreciation of photography.

Institut Français is supporting the work of photographer Raphaël Blum. Based on an ethnographic approach, Blum investigates the diversity of attributes and adornments worn by women on the Indonesian Independence Day («17 Augustus» – Berastagi, Sumatra).

Five out of 48 artists exhibiting in SIPF are French. Along with Blum’s pictures, their photographs explore various universes such as urban spaces («Here Soon» by Alban Lécuyer), Eastern countries, («East to East» de Klavdij Sluban), white-collars from Tokyo («Salaryman Project» by Bruno Quinquet) and gigantic statues («Colosses» by Fabrice Fouillet).

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