Imagine France in 20 years’ time: the energy transition has taken place and the Paris Agreement has enabled countries around the world to commit jointly to combating climate change supported by civil society. Mirroring this change in mentalities and lifestyles, the artistic and cultural community has developed new practices that have become widespread.

In this framework, the General Secretariat responsible for preparation and organization of COP21/CMP11, which will be held at the Paris-Le Bourget site from 30 November to 11 December 2015, wishes to organize an international performance by artists, architects, designers, dancers, performers and street artists from around the world, based on the theme “Urban art and the climate”, with four key aims:

• raising public awareness of climate change in order to have a positive influence on the Conference and encourage a large number of citizens to take action;
• encourage environmentally friendly artistic practices;
• look at climate disruption from a creative angle;
• spur on the community to make a collective response to the impact of climate change on our lives and the sustainable future of our planet;
• link up countries and citizens around the world, contributing to global citizenship.



In order to generate momentum for action and showcase awareness-raising activities, the General Secretariat proposes launching the global performance “24 hours for the climate” on 30 November 2015, to coincide with the opening of COP21. The aim is for all activities around the world to take place on that one day, in the spirit of a 24-hour marathon in support of the climate. Institut Français Singapore – Embassy of France is a partner of this event and will be organizing a performance in Singapore.


The artists selected for the performance will have two days (Tuesday, 1st and Wednesday, 2nd December) to send to Institut Français Singapore – Embassy of France :
Alexandre COL, Cultural Attaché :
Jennifer KWOK, Cultural Officer:

– a timelapse of 1 minute (example:
– photographs of the preparation of the performance (pre-production), an explanation of the different parts of the performance, and photographs of the complete work (5 in total, in high definition)
– 1,000 characters on the artist’s approach if they wish, in French and English
The videos collected will be incorporated into the short film shown in the Climate Generations areas from the Action Day on 5 December through to the end of COP21/CMP11.
The film will also be published on the websites of COP21, the Paris French Institute, and Institut Français Singapore – Embassy of France.

Pictures and texts will be showcased on social networks and will used in a competition.


Promotion of this global performance will take several forms:

– Promotion on the website of the French Institute (Paris)
– Promotion on the institutional COP21/CMP11 website from 5 December 2015
– Promotion in the Climate Generations areas of the incorporated videos and photographs of the works on screens to increase visibility
– Promotion of each of the works on the official COP21/CMP11 Twitter account @cop21 from 5 December, with prior announcement of the “24 hours for the climate” challenge on social media and the COP21/CMP11 website
– An interactive competition on the COP21/CMP11 Facebook page: “24 hours for the climate: 24 hours to vote”. Voting will be open from 8 p.m. on 5 December to 8 p.m. on 6 December. It will enable the artist having received the most “likes” to receive an exceptional grant of a 1-month residency at the “Cité internationale des arts” in Paris in 2016.
– It will be in English, French, Spanish and German, and will be an excellent way to help works go viral.
Candidates for the “24 hours for the climate” challenge must comply with the following rules:

– no graffiti
– eco-fair and/or recyclable materials
– using street art or nature would be a bonus

1- Selection by the diplomatic post: Institut Français Singapore – Embassy of France

2- The projects selected will be presented to the French Institute (Paris) and the COP21 organizers, who will examine the relevance of proposals. The following are particularly important:

– the artistic quality of the proposal
– uniqueness
– its link with the local context
– its environmentally friendly dimension
– its reversibility

The aim is to select at least 24 films in Paris, lasting 1 minute each.


– July – 29th September: identification of projects by Institut Français Singapore – Embassy of France
– 12 October: announcement of selected projects
– 13 October – 29 November: preparation of projects and submission of pre-production photographs to the dedicated e-mail address
– 30 November: opening of COP21/CMP11 in Paris and holding of the “24 hours for the climate” in 24 world cities.
– 1-2 December: submission of videos to the dedicated address, establishment of viral communication to announce the film’s distribution.
– 5 December: Action Day: distribution of the film in Paris.

For more info, please contact:

Alexandre COL, Cultural Attaché :
Jennifer KWOK, Cultural Officer: