Bugis Street features portraits of the transgendered community in Bugis in the 1980s. Taken by French photographer Alain Soldeville, these recently unearthed images show a side of Singapore history that many might be unfamiliar with.

Taken mainly at night, these photos show the girls on the streets as well as in their apartments. Explaining the photos, Soldeville says, “Looking back, I believe I meant those photos to be portraits of these people I had come to consider friends, wishing to show their fragility, their humanity rather than documenting a situation, news style.”

Dates: 29 January to 14 March 2014

Opening hours: Mon to Fri 11am to 7pm; Sat by appointment

Opening reception: Wed, 29 Jan, 7pm

Venue: Objectifs Gallery, 56a Arab Street

More info on https://www.facebook.com/events/633210333415090/

More info on Alain Soldeville on http://www.soldeville.com