The 2017 PHC Merlion call for proposals is now open till 15th September!

This is already the 12th annual call since the launch of the Merlion Program. More than 190 bilateral collaboration projects have been funded since inception.


The PHC Merlion Program is a joint French-Singaporean collaboration, managed by the Institut Français de Singapour, in partnership with Singaporean institutions to encourage and support new scientific research development between French and Singaporean laboratories, through funding the scientists’ trip exchanges. There are three different funding opportunities:

• Merlion Project: Funding of missions between France and Singapore for researchers, post-doctoral and doctoral students involved in a joint research project.

Up to €30,000 over two years

• Merlion Workshop: Co-organising a workshop based on a common theme, to be held in either France or Singapore, with the aim of eventually leading to a bilateral research agreement.

Up to €30,000

• Merlion Ph.D: Funding of stays in France and in Singapore of up to 6 months per year (maximum 3 years) for Ph.D students from a Singaporean or French partner laboratory.

Up to €23,000 over three years


Partners :

PHC Merlion partenaires : NTU NUS SUTD A*STAR


In celebration of the 10th anniversary of the «MERLION» programme, Singapore Edition, French media, will partner the Institut Français Singapour to offer a monthly portrait of researchers and projects collaborations representing French scientific excellence in Singapore and the world. The «MERLION» programme is a joint franco-singaporean collaboration. Launched and managed by the Science Section…Continue Reading >

Director of Research at the CNRS, Christian Miniatura is the head of MajuLab, a joint Franco-Singaporean Mixed International Unit research laboratory. He is a Visiting Professor at the Centre for Quantum Technologies (CQT) of the National University of Singapore (NUS) and at the School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences (SPMS) of the Nanyang Technological University…Continue Reading >

Green chemistry is the design of new environmentally friendly chemical processes. It is a high stakes area of which catalysis, which makes chemical transformations more efficient and less energy-consuming, is one of the pillars. Thanks to the franco-singaporean scientific cooperation programme MERLION, Dr Ning Yan, heads the Lab for Green Catalysis in the Department of…Continue Reading >

Cancer treatments are evolving. A little more than 30 years after the discovery of the genetic origin of cancer, cancer therapies have become more targeted. The last five years have seen the emergence of a new era; that of personalised medicine, which involves the individualised treatment of each patient according to the genetic and biological…Continue Reading >

Director of the Franco-Singaporean laboratory IPAL (Image & Pervasive Access Lab), Professor Mounir Mokhtari leads a research in the field of human-assistance technologies; the project “City4age” defines a model of a smart city adapted to the assistance of the frail and dependent elderly, that improves their quality of daily living and facilitates the action of…Continue Reading >