Singapore Writers Festival : a new chapter to write

The Singapore Writers Festival is back for a new edition from the 3 until the 12 of November 2017. This year will be underlined by massive events for the twentieth edition.
Many different events are proposed for all ages. Individuals, schools, families, students… you will find your proper preferences in the schedule’s proposals.
Two French authors are among the crowd of international authors : Edouard Louis and Aliette de Bodard. Let’s have a look at their experiences.

Aliette de Bodard entered Polytechnique after a preparatory class. She started to write at this moment, in order to overcome the imaginary she couldn’t find in science. Inspired by Azimov and Ursula Le Guin’s she naturally get into science fiction and fantasy. Aliette de Bodard is now multiawarded, and also the only person who won both price « Best novel » and « Best short story » at the British Science Fiction Association Awards.

You can meet her at the following sessions :

– The Sci-Fi Mixtape : Creating an Asian Inspired World
11 Nov, 5:00PM, The Arts House, Chamber

– Writing Between the Genre Lines
11 Nov, 8:30PM, The Arts House, Blue Room

– « Not everyone is oppressed equally » Why we sould look beyond the Merely Heroic
12 Nov, 4:00PM, The Arts House, Blue Room

Edouard Louis is a young author born in 1992. He was born as Eddy Bellegueule in Hallencourt in the North of France, and will run out his family in order to follow a formation at the ENS. He wrote many open letters and manifestos politicaly engaged. His first novel The End of Eddy is a story with a strong autobiographical approch, on his childhood in Picardie. His second novel « History of violence » came out in 2016, he tells us about a rape he endured during christmas eve.

You can meet him at the following sessions :

– Edouart Louis : The true story of a Survivor
11 Nov, 8:30PM, The Arts House, Play Den

– Emotional truths : memoirs versus fiction
12 Nov, 10:30AM, Arts House, Play Den

– The Art of Depicting Violence
12 Nov, 5:30PM, Arts House, Chamber


WHEN : Festival : 3 – 12 Novembre / Meetings with french authors : 11 – 12 Novembre

WHERE : The Arts House, 1 Old Parliament Lane, Singapore 179429