The Service for Cultural Cooperation and Cultural Action (SCAC) / Institut Français Singapour (IFS) leads and supports cultural, scientific and educational cooperation between France and Singapore. It promotes the teaching of French language, the French creative industries and the French savoir-faire in the fields of higher education and research.

It aims at strengthening the French influence in Singapore, while also acting as a centre of expertise. Facing current global challenges, IFS endeavours to promote French attractiveness and expertise through innovation.

Laurence LOCHU
Counsellor for Culture, Science and Education
Director IFS
(6880 7817)

Secretary of the counsellor

(6880 7817)

Communication & Partnership

Communication and Partnership
(6880 7809)


The mission of the Institut Français Singapour is to promote the culture and the French cultural engineering in Singapore, and to promote the cooperation between organisations and artists from the two countries. It also observes the creative scene in the city-state and follows as far as poosible its cultural policies, according to the intergovernmental agreement signed in 2009, which made France the “cultural reference” of Singapore.

Practically, its missions are :
– Linguistique : promotion of French and educational engineering
– Visual Arts, Design, Architecture and new technologies
– Live performances
– Literature and discussions of ideas

Current main event: Rendezvous French Cinema


Cultural and Linguistic Attaché
(6880 7838)

Jennifer KWOK
Cultural Officer
(6880 7838)

Audiovisual and Cinema

Its jurisdiction encompasses 6 Southeast Asian countries : Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Brunei and East Timor.

Its actions include :
– the promotion of French content (films, fictions, documentaries, animation, video games, internet platform, current music…)
– the support of French audiovisual operators (France24, TV5, RFI, Unifrance, TVFI, Ina, CFI, …)
– the development of French expertise in audiovisual and data.

Regional Audio-visual Attaché
(6880 7821)

Science, Technology and Education

The mission of the scientific and educational section, within the domain of science and technology, is to :
– Support and facilitate the development of projects, research programmes and joint laboratories
– Contribute to strengthen the place of French sciences and technologies in Singapore
– Diffuse information in France on Singaporean scientific and technological news and perform monitoring

Its mission consists of :
– Promoting French programmes on higher education
– Aid French establishments to develop academic ties and student exchange programmes

Attaché for Science and Higher Education
(6880 7823)

Audrey TAY
Secretary of the attaché
(6880 7823)

Science and Technology Deputy Attaché
(6880 7851)

Scientific liaison officer (Engineering)
(6880 7752)

Higher Education Officer

+65 6880 7893

Campus France Singapour