IFS supports the exhibitions of French artists in Singaporean museums, galleries and festivals.

Collaboration on heritage and museums is a priority focus of cultural exchanges between France and Singapore (MOU, exhibitions, conferences).

Additionally, ten to twenty French artists are invited to Singapore each year by art galleries or public institutions.

Artists resorting to digital devices and light shows in multi-media creations are particularly appreciated.

Photography is gaining increasing importance among visual arts in Singapore.

The design sector is growing rapidly in Singapore (conferences, creation of a university, collaborations with several companies etc.) and architectural challenges are of great concern in the City-State. French architect Jean-François MILOU was chosen to oversee the construction of the National Art Gallery (opening in November 2015).

In the creative industries, video games represent the fastest-growing sector in Singapore. Major French companies in this field (Ubisoft, Gameloft and Ankama) are expanding their activities in the the City-State. During the “Innovative Days” organised by UBIFRANCE in October 2013, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the French association “Game” and the Singaporean “Game Exchange Alliance” (GXA).

Finally, many Singapore-based French citizens actively engage with Singaporeans as artists or art teachers (Gilles Massot, Jaba, Andrée Weschler, Isabelle Desjeux and more).