Promotion of French language and educational engineering

Institut Français Singapour promotes French language and Francophonie in Singapore through various initiatives:

– Promotion of French authors and publishing professionals ;

– Collaboration with the Alliance française, the first Francophonie operator in Singapore. With 4000 students per year, Alliance française organises French language teacher training, offers a media library and Francophone cultural activities throughout the year ;

– During the Francophone month in March, IFS invites French writers and organizes performances in French, conferences, and screenings of French films subtitled in English. The IFS and Alliance Française also select a student to take part in the Lab Citoyen, a cultural experience on the subject of human rights ;

– Support for the Francophone clubs of polytechnic schools and universities, as well as for the French Alumni, an association which brings together former Singaporean students who studied in France ;

– Invitation to young Singaporeans to Culture Lab sessions (discovery experiences on various aspects of French culture) and Singaporean experts to the training courses “Courants du Monde” (Currents of the World).