Institut Français Singapour provides the French cultural network and its partners across the world (cinematheques, festivals, museums, universities, etc.) with a wide array of classic and contemporary films. This editorialised offer, which promotes French cinema in all its diversity, is destined to public screenings in countries where these films are not commercially distributed. It is also used in programmes educating children and teenagers to French film and moving image.

In an extremely competitive market dominated by American movies (90% of the films shown in Singapore), French cinema remains the most widely screened European cinema (1% of box-office with an average of 150.000 entries). Over sixty French films are screened each year in Singapore, including more than ten commercial releases for which Unifrance frequently organises premieres featuring actors and directors.

New French films are promoted in Singapore through Rendez-vous with French Cinema, an ambitious film festival organised by the IFS, the Alliance française and Unifrance, in collaboration with the Singapore International Film Festival in 2015.

Many films are also screened in Alliance française (one to two per week), festivals (Animation Film Festival, European Film Festival, thematic festivals, etc.) and the National Museum cinematheque. The latter occasionally works with the Institut Français Singapour in order to organise the screenings of French classics. The cinematheque recently started to develop specific projects with French partners such as the 2011 retrospective entitled “Asia through French eyes” in collaboration with the IFS and the INA (“Institut National de l’Audiovisuel”, French for National Audiovisual Institute).

Overall, with an average of 6000 entries, the non-commercial screenings of French films significantly contribute to the promotion of French cinema in Singapore.


The Regional Audiovisual Attaché intervenes in six South-East Asian countries: Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Brunei and East Timor.

Her mission is to promote French culture through feature films, documentaries, animated films, video-games, the internet, contemporary music and more. She also supports French audiovisual companies and institutions such as France24, TV5, RFI, Unifrance, TVFI, Ina, CFI etc.