The mission of Institut Français Singapour is to promote French culture in Singapore and to foster cultural cooperation between organisations and artists of both countries. IFS also backs some of the City-State’s cultural policies, in keeping with the 2009 intergovernmental agreement making France the “cultural referent” of Singapore.
Institut Français Singapour carries out its mission by actively engaging in various artistic fields:

Language: promotion of French language and education
Visual Arts, Design, Architecture and New Technologies
Performing Arts
Literature and Exchange of Ideas
Audio-Visual and Cinema

Increasing visibility of French culture and development of collaborations
Since the early 1990s, Singapore has launched an active cultural initiative to become a “Global City for the Arts” where France plays an important part. The role of the cultural department of the French Embassy rapidly evolved in order to support the cultural “Renaissance” programme of the City-State.
Institut Français Singapour thus promotes French cultural engineering and develops new projects with cultural institutions, organisations and artists (residencies, expertise missions, scholarships). It also invites Singaporean professionals in France for transversal thematic programmes (“FOCUS”, “Fabrique des cinémas du monde” and more).
The number of French cultural events in Singapore increased from 40 in 2009 to a high of 80 in 2014 (a growth of 100%). Institut Français Singapour initiates or supports 40 of these events each year, collaborating with Singaporean partners such as producers, performing companies and venues, museums, galleries, festivals, schools (of language and art), film distributors…
Furthermore, IFS facilitates contacts between Singaporean and French partners to create cultural events in France such as the “Festival de Singapour en France”, which will be held between late March and late June 2015 for the celebration of the Singapore Jubilee in four French cities (Paris, Lyon, Lille and Nantes).